7 Natural Elements that Can Lead to Skin Irritation Part 2

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

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Dust. It contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, silicon, phosphorus and some minor minerals. The first 4 components are the exact composition of our dead skin dust. So basically, the dust we have on Earth are mostly coming from our skin secretion. The problem comes when this dust becomes the nest for fungal and bacterial growth. Imagine when they meet with our sweat on the skin. The skin will scream crying for some help.

Air. The natural phenomenon of temperature drop that occurs most commonly in the winter or rainy seasons or in the summer for the higher heat and humidity may suffer the skin, especially the sensitive skin. Cold or Heat and Humid in the Air element is the perfect nest for the virus, bacteria, mould, and fungus to grow and spread. Air is the element that transfers itself to the other elements it touches. Therefore the air quality becomes worse when nature forces them to hang out with the micropollutants that are already hanging in the air. And therefore, the sensitive or troubled skin need extra protection during the weather changes to keep the three layers of skin stay fit throughout the four seasons rhythm.

Metal. They are everywhere and consist of a different form of elements. Almost all chemical elements are metal because most of the natural substances are easily oxidized or corroded, which are the two basic characteristics of the metal. On skin, nickel allergy is a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis. This is why jewellery that is made out of nickel is the source of skin allergic. Oxidation and Corrosion are two natural processes. The allergy mostly happens when our skin is oxidizing contracting with the metal that is corrosive. It creates skin rash and itchy sensation.

Fibre. The chemical composition of fur from the animal is keratin, lipids, minerals and pigments. Similar composition to our hair. Some people with oversensitive immune systems have an allergy to a certain animal such as cat and dog. It is not necessarily because of their fur solely, it could be a mixture of the animal’s urine, saliva, or dead skin cells roll with the fibre of the fur. The same thing goes for some people with skin allergic to wool. It is not because of the sheep. It is simply the fibre that simultaneously and overly tickles the skin that makes the skin rash and itch.

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Image Credits: Miguel Á. Padriñán

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