5 Outer Reasons Why We Have Different Skin

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Last post it was about the fundamental causes why each skin is different. Now, I am going to take you around to understand our surroundings that ‘talks’ directly to our skin, to change the skin mind.

Literally, we are living under our skin. Therefore, understanding our skin’s need is part of our tasks. Like it or not. After getting to know our skin from the inside settings, it is time to understand our skin outside in. In a hope, knowing how amazing the skin works on the daily basis, each of us will appreciate our skin a lot more.

  1. Weather. Living in a four seasons country like in Korea where summer is offered with the heat-wave and winter with the cold-wave, it suffers the skin even more. Weather changes slow down the skin to glow healthily because the skin is busy adapting itself to another weather change in order to be able to survive.
  2. Pollution. Just like us, skin also needs to breathe! Therefore, the level of micro-dust in the air will express the skin surface happiness. Avoid direct contact the skin with air pollution from cars and cigarettes, whenever possible.
  3. UV Light. Exposing skin to the Sun’s damaging light like UV-A and UV-B in regular basis may surely break the skin cells into pieces. Premature aging and over-drying skin may follow after. Limit sun exposure by wearing umbrella, hat, sunglasses, and apply toxic-free sunscreen may help prevent the skin from UV light damaging effects. Especially on delicate baby skins.
  4. Blue Light HEV. Unlike UV light that is invisible to the eye and only happens highly during the daytime, this HEV or ‘high-energy visible’ light is repetitively exposed to the skin day and night. Every time we are in contact with any digital screens, like phone, TV, laptop. Basically, every time we hold any electronic devices; every time we go under the Sun as the Sun also carries some HEV as well; every time we enjoy the nightlife as signboards are lighted by either LED or fluorescent lights. Often times, this blue light is one of the main causes to disrupt normal sleeping cycle, it causes the skin to have stress. Once the skin is stressed, it will make it harder for the skin problems to heal.
  5. Bacteria Amount. The number of bacteria on the skin is mostly related to the weather changes and the body heat. Increased in temperature and humidity level on the skin can imbalance the beneficial microorganisms. The balanced skin flora is essential to the healthy skin. Imagine the Rainforest as a healthy skin and ‘Orang Utan’ is the bacteria. Now imagine Rainforest without Orang Utans. Imbalance is never a beauty!

It is now clear that our skin types and skin conditions are affected by internal and external factors. Which, most of the time, we cannot do anything about it. Having said that though, there are habits that also affecting the skin beauty. And these habits, we can control every single thing of it. One of it is the Skincare Routine. How you treat your skin on the daily basis is the exact same principle as How you treat your belly full.

I will discuss this in the next post. Now, please eat something to make your belly full.~^^

Image Credits: David McEachan

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