Why I Formulated Head-to-Toe FridaSkincare

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Weak Immune and Antibiotic

Samuel has a weak immune. He was a premature baby. Plus he took a lot of antibiotics in the past when he was a teenager. He suffered from skin problem and was betrayed by many skin products that made him back to take on antibiotics. And his struggling story made me carefully select each of ingredients for making our Frida products line.

From Colourful to Natural Look

In the past, I have been seen as a colourful young woman. My hair was in colour. Every one-week in a month I used to polish my nails in brave colours. My cheeks were blushed every single day. My eyes were coated with waterproof mascara with long-lashes effect. My shoes, sneakers, bags, all were in bright colors. I was once bright and brave. Since planning for our baby, I read a lot about the coloured cosmetics and its bad effects on the growing fetus. I have been enlightened from the researches.

Almost 3-years with an Empty Womb

A few years ago, we were one of many couples out there that were struggling to get pregnant. From a few friends, we heard that they have been asked by their doctor to not putting any products on their skin during their ‘in-vitro fertilization’ process. No Lotion, no perfume, nothing. This protocol made me wondering WHY? Finally, it made sense to me that our immune cells are on the skin. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to follow up through an in-vitro procedural to get pregnant. We are proud to say to the world that our Natural Skin Detox through our very own Frida products formulations worked well. That is why during the sensitive period of getting pregnant, it is important to protect our skin away from toxins because our skin is actually an immune organ.

Therefore, I have been challenging myself to formulate a complete skincare line that is safe to be used by me –during my pregnancy; that is safe to skinship with my newborn; that is safe to share-use with my precious baby; that is possible to also share-use with my husband with a different skin type and sensitive condition.

I was so worried for the health safetiness and I so care for my loved ones. I want to spread our family skincare delicacy to the world. These are WHY~^^

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