How Do I Wisely Set My Standards Overtime Part 2

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Thursday, May 24th, 2018

This is a sequel post from How Do I Wisely Set My Standards Overtime PART 1.

Standards In Ourselves

Over the time, I have sharpened my built-in instinct through many conflicts I have solved or I have screwed it. Just recently, I rejected an event held by this well known international community service managed under a reputable educational institution in Daejeon. This event was ‘supposedly’ starring me to conduct a class for their seasonal event. For some and many reasons, the poster for the event does not show my (brand) logo. They found that it is conflicting with their internal policy. I totally can understand. But there is a problem here because my name is actually my brand. So they totally remove everything related to my business and personal identity. They put my personal email address instead, not my official business email as I proposed. However, I notice that there are some other posters on their wall printed with ‘personal brand‘ email address as well and it is Ok because it is not ‘real business‘, just ‘the hobbyist‘. They are not Ok with me, because I am the person with a real business. It popped me a question: Is doing and having a Business, bad?

  • Avoid Person with A Business Paranoia

Even worse than that email address, they even excluded my name from the poster because of that ‘business paranoia‘ mindset and/or policy. The person-in-charge seems to be very pissed after I sent my withdrawal statement, “…, since my name is not even on the poster, I believe you can easily find someone to replace this event.”. I can totally understand her feeling because the Poster has been spreading around and got some subscribers to participate in my class. But, if she put her feet in my shoes, she would also understand why I cancelled that event. I have been invited to quite some events, either to talk about my business journey or to show how I make some basic skincare. So, I know for sure that there is a manner to conduct an event like this. From where she is working at, this event is obviously not her first event that she has organized. For all these points, I have been so disrespected to a level that I have lost the point of doing or continuing that event.

  • Avoid Person who Dethrones Value

Firstly, I found that it is so DISRESPECTFUL to spread the Poster of the event before getting an approval from the source-giver who will be presenting their stuff in the class event. As the main conductor for this event, I MUST SEE the final draft of any sort of flyers for my event before it goes public. In case the date and time are not appropriate with my schedule and if the poster is really representing what I am teaching after. That is a communal principle in organizing an event involving other parties. Secondly, I also found that it is very RUDE to not mentioning the name of the person who is going to have the ‘main stage‘ of the whole 2-hour event. This is a case when someone else is trying to lower our standard and we are brave enough to say NO. I am just proud of myself to reject hosting this event.

A Little Advice When We Set Our Standard Right:

Be the Shark without showing your teeth too much to keep the Ocean Blue. Bite blood when you have to because sometimes the Ocean needs to change its colour into Red. In short, don’t be afraid to be a “b*d*ss” sometimes. It is our standard we need to set and raise. Never lower it to whatever reason for the whoever person. This is to show how much value we have set for ourselves and this is to prove how much we have been loving ourselves. Cheers to that!

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