What to Do When the Teacher Kiss Your Baby in the Mouth at School

With Axelle
Monday, April 16th, 2018

Yes, that title above happened!

Therefore, I am so grateful to send Axelle to school when she can talk well and describe a story in full sentences. So, she can tell us her school activity on daily basis.

Axelle was having a really difficult time to adjust herself to a school life. At home, she could just be crazy all the time with me. From enjoying her favourite ‘oppa dancing’ K-POP stars on TV with me to eating many cheese and fruits from the fridge every time she wants. This is no longer the case. Her holiday-like schedule has changed.

Winning Feeling  VS  Wrong Appreciation
The second day when she took a nap at school and followed up with changing her diapers and brushing her teeth with the teacher, this teacher felt so winning and praised her a lot. Including kissing her in the mouth! Whaaaat?!
I could feel that winning feeling as well with the colourful fireworks exploded in my mind. I agree that this teacher deserved a big applause because Axelle has been very difficult to approach to, from the beginning. However, to hear from Axelle that the teacher kissed her mouth at the end of this triumph, turned me into a statue. I just want to stare at the empty wall.

At night, I could not sleep. My mind was busy thinking ‘what to do’. However, we adore our little Axelle that much, we never intentionally kissed her in the mouth. Nor that it is hygiene or elegant way to praise a kid. I simply dislike it. I kinda felt betrayed by this situation.
That ‘forbidden kiss’ happened on Friday. Axelle was sick the next morning. The whole weekend, I was busy looking for a solution. Because I did not want to hurt this teacher’s feeling.

3,000 won Solution
Monday morning. We took Axelle to see her doctor for a checkup. I told this doctor about this kissing incident. I took an opportunity to ask for a letter from this doctor to say that Axelle has a very sensitive throat and get an infection in that area easily. So, any contacts around her mouth, nose, and eyes area are not allowed to make. Paid extra 3,000won for this letter, —the cheapest and the most effective diplomatic note.
Tuesday morning. While explaining, I handed out Axelle’s medical letter to the school administration staff in front of Axelle’s class teacher. Everybody understood and I am just happy. Case closed. I finally could sleep well.

A Hint inside the Korean Norm
I asked about this ‘kissing in the mouth norm’ to one of my Korean friends who is married to a foreigner. To my surprise, her boy had that same experience as well. Also to my surprise, although not usual and she personally dislikes it too, this mouth kissing gesture is being accepted by the parents that their kid is seen as the cutest and good-looking one. Thus being so much loved and cared for by the teacher and that the parents should feel proud of it.
Would you mind if your kid is seen as the most adorable one and sealed by a kiss in the mouth by the teacher?

Image Credits: Oleg Magni

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