49 Mind-blown Health Benefits of Siwak Miswak

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

In the last post, I wrote about Siwak or Miswak, the most natural toothbrush as the introduction. It truly offers beyond total mouth hygiene. And these have made my mind blown away! Ok, here is the list of Siwak Arak root benefits besides its function as the natural toothbrush:

  1. Plaque reduction & preventing
  2. Teeth whitening
  3. Shielding teeth from microbes
  4. Help to eliminate toothaches
  5. Eliminate bad odour
  6. Freshen the mouth naturally
  7. Creates natural mouth fragrance
  8. Killing bacteria
  9. Increasing salivation
  10. Stimulate the flow of saliva
  11. Inhibits dry mouth (Xerostomia)
  12. Helping with nicotine addiction
  13. Coating over the teeth enamel
  14. Anti-plaque
  15. Anti-gingivitis
  16. Energize the gingiva
  17. Eliminates spots and builds-up on the tooth surface
  18. Encourage demineralization of tooth composition
  19. Prevents tooth decay
  20. Blocks the tooth enamel layer
  21. Removes or preventing plaque and teeth colouring
  22. Removes the yellow-surface on teeth
  23. Facilitates teeth sparkling
  24. Causes the teeth to glow
  25. Support healing dental tissue
  26. Cleans the mouth thoroughly
  27. Destroys build-up bacteria in the mouth
  28. Growth the gum
  29. Strengthen the gums
  30. Clears the throat
  31. Clears the voice
  32. Improves the sense of taste
  33. Sharpens the memory
  34. Sharpens the intelligence
  35. Eliminates slime (phlegm/mucus)
  36. Believed as a cure for every illness (for routine users)
  37. Prevents further increase of decay (for those who already has it)
  38. Natural cure for headaches
  39. Gives natural luster light on the face (for routine users)
  40. Strengthens the eye-sight (whattt?!!)
  41. Assists in the process of digestion
  42. As a cure for a certain mouth disease
  43. Facilitates the appetite
  44. Increases the eloquence of one’s speech
  45. Super eco-friendly (decomposed property)
  46. Super fresh brush with fresh Arak extract in-tact
  47. Portability
  48. Cost effective: toothbrush + toothpaste + floss (and bye dentist!)
  49. Instantly help stop gum bleeding (my personal experience!)

Now that you read this line: Did I just slap your brain a little? ㅋㅋㅋ…

By the way, there are some other benefits carried by this root for those who believe it, e.g. Spiritual Benefits. However, my topic here is solely on the natural remedy in teeth cleaning. So, I guess I have summed up pretty much on the whole body benefits. Have I convinced you enough to try a stick or two?!

Have you tried brushing your teeth with this Miswak?

Share me your experience, how did it go with you as a first timer?

For you who have been scrapping your tooth enamels with this root, how long have you practised it for? And would you swap back your tooth cleaning tool with the regular toothbrush plus toothpaste? Tell me… Tell me…

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