7 Inner Reasons Why We Have Different Skin

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

Each of us is not only classified into types of skin. We also have different skin conditions based on how often each skin reacts and contacts with particular settings. Below are the inner settings we have, and they will define our skin type and skin condition internally:

  1. Sebum. Its production may come from one’s diet, weather changes, or from the parents’ legacy. Sebum is needed to ensure skin elasticity. However, the amount of it should be controlled to avoid any skin troubled, like breakouts.
  2. Genetic Inheritance. If you are having troubled skin, you can blame it on your parents. Asking parents when their acne stop when they were teenagers may help giving an information about when you will get back a clear skin again. Well, a hope is there at least. If you are with clear skin, I bet you must be taking it for granted. My humble suggestion: please don’t take it for granted.
  3. Melanin. The portion of melanin one has is highly decided by the biological parents. The higher portion the melanin is, the darker skin it will be. Darker skin or high melanin-contained skin increases its durability toward the heat. Ever wonder why our black friends may feel just slightly warm when our white friends may feel very hot in summer? Try to touch their skins, you will know why! The darker skins absorb heat perfectly.
  4. Heat Retention. Mostly from the amount of Melanin in melanocytes, i.e. cells that are located in the bottom layer ‘Stratum Basale’ of the skin’s epidermis, or the outer layer of skin that is visible to the eye. However, in some unique cases, some skins may have a higher ability to hold the Sun’s heat although the melanin amount is lower, due to a habitual sun tanning, for example.
  5. Body Water. The higher amount of water contained within the skin cells, the healthier the skin is. It is simply because the skin cells are made up of water. A capability of our skin to hold its moisture is defined by the amount of existing humectant in the skin cells. Therefore, drink plenty of water during the daytime helps skin to pack itself with humectant, to keep itself moist.
  6. Age Number. I do agree that ‘age’ is just a number. But, this number also states our skin conditions. Most skin damages due to aging. Aging brings every cell to slow down its rhythm. Imagine the rusty iron. On skin, this ‘rusty’ look will be similar to sagging, looser, rougher, and duller skin condition. Enlarged pores, dark or brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles will also join the party when you are adding age!
  7. Hormone. Sometimes it is not about adding the age that may cause the skin to change its type and/or condition. Most of the time, it is simply our hormonal imbalance. During pregnancy, I was happy to have a ‘baby glow’ where my skin and hair looked extremely healthier, glowing, and fuller. While, during breastfeeding, my skin and hair were exhaustedly drowned. Same goes for teenagers with their breakouts period. Blame it on the hormone.

So, those seven points above have been set and locked internally inside our internal body system. Although it has been set internally inside us, we can always do some precaution skin treatment to keep all those settings run like clockwork devices. Therefore, most of the skin problems that derived from these settings combination, need a little more hard work to get itself into a ‘normal’ skin type and ‘balanced’ skin condition again.

Worry not, FridaSkincare is here to help if you need some guidance to solve your skin problems. Just message me with your question(s) and skin picture(s) without any Photoshop effects, I will try my best to offer you a solution!

Next posts, I will write about 5 Outer Reasons Why We Have Different Skin.

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