2 Year Old Eats Korean Red Chili

With Axelle
Monday, April 23rd, 2018

You don’t need to go extra miles just to get going. All you need is one Red Chili to turn your Blue Mondays to pink, –well if not Pink then it is going to be Red. “Stung by a wasp on the lip“.

We live in Korea with two versions taste of chilli. Besides hot spicy and tongue burning sensation, we have ‘paprika-taste‘ Red Chili. They are crisp just like paprika. While the Green Chili also comes in ‘cucumber-taste‘. Without any hint of spiciness. Surprise Surprise!!

If a two-year-old can enjoy this Korean Red Chili, you should just try once at least!

“Sweet as the Moment, when the Red Chili went ‘pop'”

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Image Credits: George Becker

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