3 Housing Ideas We Consider for a Nice Living

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, May 19th, 2018

In my mind, I have been living in each house as described below. It was cozy, warm and enjoyable with a lovely husband on my side watching our little one running around outside on the green grass.


Once I saw a video playing in my Timeline showing a Mother and a daughter living comfortably in a modified caravan. They move from one nice view to another. They have a luxury view from their window without an expensive suite to rent. There is also a tiny-living on wheels designed by TK. Devine. This American man who named his creative project as Porta-Home wants to support the students by giving a proper shelter. At the same time, he is fighting the increased number of homeless people in the big cities like Los Angeles. He is going to add a garden and solar panels on the roof too, how cool. If you want to help or connect with him, watch his pitch video or study more about his project through his website.


I have been amazed by the ancient tent Yurt. It is so simple circle-living idea like a circus tent or hobbit-like shelter. But I just can not imagine living in a Yurt with kids. Parents’ privacy seems less important in Yurt style housing. And since I watched Pete Nelson’s program on how he keeps making awesome Tree Houses, I impulsively want one. I have been talking about this to Samuel that one day we should at least try to rent a Tree House. We would like to pamper our lungs and travel as a little family to enjoy a Birdy-like house that is surrounded by the green nature. This could be our checklist destination to hop on and off from one unique Tree House to another. One day soon enough.


Many garbage-based projects have been done recently. The base materials are from unused items like plastic bottles, containers, brick-wood, compressed plastic cubes, and many more. However, the one I like the most and I can imagine our family living inside it… is the Container style housing. Two cubes of containers provide privacy and separate functions. And those two containers are simply connected under a shade-like roof to provide an open-air living room without any walls connect to each other. A brilliant idea to live side-by-side with our parents. So two couples can live together with a nice separation living into two different containers each. Secured privacy and loving environment to live with our loved ones.

Now I imagine having a firewood at night sitting and talking with all of them, my Mom and Dad, my Belle-Mère and Beau-Père. Talking… Laughing… Barbequing… and sipping some Moroccan Mint Tea.

Image Credits: Corinne Kutz

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