My Minimalist Living Style Dream

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, April 21st, 2018

The aging I am, the less I want. However, when it comes to designing our minimalist life, we become even pickier to select stuff that goes into our space. It is quality over quantity. For me, these are the ultimate ‘must have’ lifestyle that gives minimalism a quality of life.


One day, I saw a video project by Zera about “Turn today’s food scraps into tomorrow’s fertilizer, within 24 hours”. I was hooked on that idea. As an at-home kitchen manager myself, I know how we waste the food on the daily basis. Either it is rotten by nature or simply expired by date. We human, we produce waste, every single day. I also into the idea to turn our ‘poops’ into the same fertilizer as this ‘Composting Toilet’ already exists. One day, our family will have these two essential at-home decomposers that turn our wastes into an eco-fertilizer. Because this support my ‘everyday dream’ to have a Windowsill Garden at home, which I have never gotten any time to work on it just yet.

Windowsill Garden

I am not into gardening colourful flowers and sexy cactus. However, since I am married and have my own kitchen, I have a refreshing imagination every time I am in the kitchen. I always have been dreaming to pick some herb plants from cute little pots next to my kitchen sink. Served with a fresh view from the green field through the wide-frame crystal clear window. I also would love to plant some aromatic spices and plants like ‘Kaffir Lime‘ tree and ‘Pandan‘ leaves to support my herbal cooking. One day!


Outdoor Kitchen

I have talked a lot about having an Outdoor Kitchen to Samuel. Where I image our little family will be having breakfast on the kitchen terrace. Open air. Fresh breeze. Surrounded by the aromatic plants and edible botanicals. When we want some tea, we would just pour some hot water into our cups and then pick the freshest herbs we want from our outdoor kitchen. Where we could blend our own tea on the spot. Fresh with nature. Ideally, this outdoor kitchen should be interconnected with the indoor kitchen where we could still see a silhouette of those cute little pots from our Windowsill Garden. One day soon!!


Image Credits: Nathan Fertig

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