How to Develop a Career Plan Like a King

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Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Last time I split-opened my old time memory on How I Map my Skills and Interest into a digestible list. Continuing what I did next is developing my own career plan. It sounds too much work when say it as a ‘Career Plan’. In fact, the amount of work is similar to updating a Resume. And the nicest point about developing our own career path is that… we stop sending out our Resume to apply for a job. Instead, we will be busy to equip ourselves with the necessary skills. Developing a Career Plan is full of excitement because the career that we are about to find out is designed specifically by us to best fit our character and mindset. This is what I would like to call as a “Personal Investment”. Again, I am going to put myself as a real example of How to Develop a Career Plan.

A little note here before developing a career plan: You need to complete mapping your Skills and Interest, the way I did. You need to focus on ONE Fun Activity, an activity that is always amazed and never bored you. Then, you are ready to follow below steps.

Skills Expansion

Once we lay out exactly our skills and interest, the next thing to do is simply pinning through the map to get all the necessary knowledge in ONE particular industry. So, pick your industry first and then list down the skills you may need in order to be an expert in that industry. It could be through volunteering for getting the feels and special skills, join the summer work, applying for an internship at the targeted industry, and even expand the knowledge through online classes from cheap to free like youtube, skillshare, udemy, and get used to often visit Search Engine like Google, —my favourite--, whenever you have a little curiosity. Thanks to the internet, it makes Skills Expansion so much easier and accessible nowadays.

Evolving Journey

In order to gain knowledge or to be recognized in the chosen industry, we need to step feet into that chosen industry. In my case, I chose ‘Beauty Industry’. It is actually a wide and wild industry to play around with. However, once I step feet really deep into this Beauty Industry, I have the power to tweak it the way I want it to be. Although at the beginning I had no clear specific idea how my ‘Beauty Journey‘ would eventually turn up. But, the deeper I drag myself to get into ‘Skills Expansion‘ zone, the surer I am with ‘every beauty knowledge‘ I have. When I blend it with my other skills and interest, I become a unique “beauty conceptor”. And before I fully realized it, I have evolved into something else that I have never had any plan to become one, a Founder of Beauty Brand, FridaSkincare. And that position perfectly fits just for me.

Through these Skills Expansion and Evolving Journey, I am sure you will be an expert in your chosen industry. As we are designing our own unique career path, the length of the success line will vary. Just keep the Focus and Digging on until your Resume is no longer needed to be updated for a Job Application, then you have successfully redefined your Resume as a Crown because you have set your own Career that fits just perfectly for you.


Image Credits: Ashton Mullins

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