Book Discussion: Baby’s First Natural Steps

Skin Caring

Welcome to our book discussion! Here we will discuss everything: BABY’S NATURAL SKINCARE IN THE FIRST 2 YEARS OF LIFE. Please enter your questions, thoughts or concerns on the comment section below. I will be happy to join you. Cheers for the support. Let’s spread more LOVE and KINDNESS on each day! Frida 

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9 Business Failures Before Launching FridaSkincare

Self Made

A younger me has always wanted to build its own business. Seeing it grow and enjoying to scale it up from scratch is an experience I have always wanted. Yet, I was busy with school. And another school. Like every other friend I have. Until I met a man with an equal entrepreneurial mindset as […]

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5 Steps to Balance Super Oily Skin with Natural Products from FridaSkincare

Skin Caring

In the last post, I wrote about our Frida Troubleshooting Set in 5 Steps to Treat Acne-prone Skin with Natural Products from FridaSkincare. Today is a special day for the Oily Skin. Especially in this Summertime where skin gets buttery at ease. So, here is a guideline for Oily Skin natural treatment from our Frida product catalogue. […]

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5 Accomplishments to Map FridaSkincare Family Business Journey

Entrepreneur Lifestyle

In the last post, I wrote about How to Map Your Skills and Interest, which is very related to this post about our accomplishments to map our business journey that is also affecting the way our family living the life. Because in reality there is no perfect list, this “List of our Accomplishments” will be side […]

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10 Fun Random Questions Answered by Bora from FridaSkincare Korea

Entrepreneur Lifestyle

At this stage, FridaSkincare have 1 adventurous partner in Indonesia and two incredible partners in Korea. Completing this post series, this time the ‘10 fun random questions‘ are answered by our other partner in Korea, Ms Bora Lee.  Her answers show her deep love for a green nature and that is one of the reasons […]

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How Does it Feel to Open a Retail Shop in South Korea


The majority of foreigners who own a valid business in South Korea are married to the local people. Samuel and I are an outlier couple. Due to the fact that Samuel and I are both foreigners who decide to live in Korea, our business journey is crazily challenging especially when we first started. You people […]

July 8, 2018

Friday Freebie for Energizing Body Wash

Skin Consultation + Freebie

Friday Freebie for Energizing Body Wash This revitalizing body wash combines a great selection of botanical extracts with hypoallergenic mild cleansers like Organic Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Shea Butter and a powerful blend of botanical extracts to help skin retain its natural moisture during and after the shower. No EDTA. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). No Sodium […]

July 6, 2018

3 Ultimate Tips to Start Blogging

Self Made

Over publishing 90 blog posts, I am confident to share some tips for you who ‘wish‘ to start on a writing project. It is not about the quality of content to produce in each writing at first. It is more about daily discipline to get to typing habits and a basic understanding of self-achievement. It […]

July 5, 2018

7 Natural Elements that Can Lead to Skin Irritation Part 2

Skin Caring

Find the first part of this article here, 7 Natural Elements that Lead to the Skin Irritation Part 1. Dust. It contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, silicon, phosphorus and some minor minerals. The first 4 components are the exact composition of our dead skin dust. So basically, the dust we have on Earth are mostly coming […]

July 3, 2018

Ice Cream – Yabba Dabba Duh!

With Axelle

World’s finest Ice Cream is the one you enjoy sharing it with… have you picked your fruity flavour this Summer? Well, Axelle did! Ice Cream Night Party! #icecream #fruityflavors A post shared by managed by: Frida Pigny (@axelle.pigny) on Jun 27, 2018 at 2:52am PDT

July 2, 2018

15 Quotes to Boost Your Creative Mind


Here are some quotes I have been collecting along the way when designing this blog from its skeleton phase. I keep these inspiring sentences to boost my days into a creative mode. “Quotes are like some pulps in the orange juice. Sometimes we need to pinch one pulp in between teeth to get it tastier.” And […]

July 1, 2018

How to Simplify Daily Skin Routine in Summer

Journey to Minimalism

Our little family has been committed to a simple life. So, we would go for anything that can make our life simpler and effective. And my beauty life has never been simpler than now. Thanks to this multi-purpose family skincare line, FridaSkincare. Daily facial routine, beauty routine, bath routine, and hair routine become so much […]

June 30, 2018