Why Skin Routine is as Important as Your Stomach Diet

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Stomach Digests

If one cares about its digestive system for the sake of health and wellbeing, being cautious on food and beverage is a way to go. Same goes with the skin routine. Furthermore for the skin, because the skin has no digestive system like our stomach.

Skin Absorbs

So, it means that any ‘unhealthy’ or ‘toxic’ ingredients from skin products are absorbed through passing the layers of skin. And because the skin has no digestive function, this absorption goes deeper into the bloodstream.

The blood is the Marathoners, they are not the Digesters. Without sports shoes, they are running everywhere inside our body. Carrying any harmful materials or nutritive ingredients from the skin products that we routinely apply day and night, may cause other parts of the body to suffer at the end, including our cells.

Through the Bloodstream

That is why, nowadays, in skincare and cosmetics world, the word of ‘Carcinogen’ pops out as one of the effective marketing tools. The carcinogen is a substance capable of causing cancer in our living tissue.

Beauty in Balance

Always remember me saying this, again and again, “Imbalance is never a beauty!” Having a balance toxic-free skincare regiment along with the stomach diet in daily basis will help skin and the overall organs in the body to glow beautifully and to grow healthily.

Toxic-free in Food and Skin Products

Our little family has been built on these two foundations. We try to consume only nutritive food and avoid harmful ingredients in any skin-contacted products. Therefore, we are also formulating the “Redefining Hand & Dish Wash” product into our Skincare line. It is not only gentle to wash the hands with. It also confirms toxic-free during washing our dirty dishes that our plates have been washed properly.

For me personally, it is a worry-free to be able to reuse our kitchen utensils again once it is clean and dry. We simply can feel safe that both our stomach and skin are treated with the quality fresh product. If you can be sure there is one product that could confirm the quality of ingredients in a dish wash cleaner, would you just be happier? As a mother, I definitely would.

Image Credits: Noah Buscher

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