3 Areas of Facial Skin that are Forbidden to be Scrubbed

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Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Either to scrub or to exfoliate, both tasks are helping to remove dead skin cells to uncover the healthy and glowing skin to the surface. Exfoliating involves beauty acid that can be outsourced from the fruits. You can read more about the example of Beauty Acids in my last post What Acid Means for the Skin. Meanwhile, scrubbing involves sand-like grit agent. The scrubbing agent may come in synthetic polymer grains or naturally derived herbal ingredients like what we include it in our Frida Mask & Scrub where the grit agents are from hydrogenated jojoba and castor oils. They are not only sourced out from the happy botanicals to gently exfoliate the facial skin but they are also environmentally friendly. For the skin healthiness, removing dead skin cells once a week is recommended by the dermatologist, yet there are three skin conditions that are not benefiting from any scrubbing agents.

Under Eye Skin. This is the most delicate skin condition in our facial surface. It is thinner and gets sagging easily. Therefore scrubbing under eye skin area is highly not recommended. If you have white bump or milia under eye skin, the best to ‘exfoliate’ this skin is with Beauty Acid that matches your skin condition and overall health. For example, you may want to avoid using a product with Salicylic Acid in it to dissolve those milia surface during pregnancy.

Thin Layer Area. In fact, under eye skin is not the only area that is delicate and thinner. Some people with high cheekbones may have a thinner layer of skin on their cheekbones area. Peeling mask that contains Beauty Acid is good to ‘dissolve‘ dead skin cells on thin layer skin area. Scrubbing thin layer skin may have a potential to scratch the skin surface if the scrubbing agent is not suitable in size compared to the thickness of the skin.

Inflamed Acne. Acne itself is not to be rubbed, it is even worse when combined with inflamed skin. It is definitely a NO NO type of skin to be scrubbed as it will trigger the inflammation even more. However, Frida Mask & Scrub has an ultimate solution for all delicate skin conditions to meet the need of removing dead skin cells weekly.

It is Possible to Remove Dead Skin for All Skin Type and Condition with just ONE Product.

  • As a Facial Mask, our Frida Mask & Scrub can be used daily, just rub-rinse it off at the end without scrubbing the skin.
  • And as Facial Scrub, our Frida Mask & Scrub is perfect for the weekly facial treatment, just scrub it while rinsing it off at the end.
  • Our Frida Mask & Scrub helps to dry out the active acne, just leave it on a clean skin surface for at least 15 minutes (up to 1-hour masking) before rinsing it off without scrubbing it off.
  • For masking the thin layer skin area, including the under eye skin, apply our Frida Mask & Scrub like you apply a facial cream, all over the face. Leave it on until you are happy and rinse it off. Scrub the thicker layer skin and just simply rinse the thin layer skin area, such as under eye, high cheekbones, and other facial parts with thin layer skin.

Extra Benefits. It is not Frida products if it does not offer some extra benefits. This is why we spent a lot of years in developing our formulation for each product in our catalogue. Now, it is the time to shine with our Frida Mask & Scrub.

  • This 2-in-1 Mask and Scrub have flexible texture. So, it will not promote wrinkle and fine lines as the side effect after applying face with the facial mask that will dry on the skin. I grew up locking myself in a room during facial mask treatment because I was worried if one of my cousins came by and intentionally made fun of my face just to make me laugh. So, it is important to have a facial mask that will not dry on to support the movement of our facial muscles. You are allowed to talk and laugh during masking with our Frida Mask & Scrub.
  • Additionally, masking with our Frida Mask & Scrub at least 30 minutes and up to 1-hour will give a depigmented effect on the skin. It is perfect for the after sun-exposed skin treatment to cool back the skin tone immediately. So, don’t be surprised after at least 30 minutes of masking you will find out your facial skin has brighter skin tone than before!
  • The routine users of our Frida Mask & Scrub report to have skin free from blackheads comedo, the skin pores shrunken, absorbs nutrients from anti-aging products become easier, masking and scrubbing rough hand and feet skin to get a smoother version of them, and some of our customers even succeeded to detox and depigmented their dark underarm with our product. The possibilities are endless with our product.

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