What Acid Means For the Skin

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Acids… they are just like ‘knife’. One may see the same knife as an opportunity to do good, while the other sees it as the devil’s tool. Same story in the natural remedy. There are Acids that do good for the skin, and there are some other Acids that ruins the skin without compromise.

Beauty Acids

These are acids in skincare that have been hunted by many ‘beautynista’ because of the popularity of their effects on the skin like Hyaluronic, Amino, Ascorbic, Fatty, and Retinoic. Those acids offer a smoother skin and eliminate signs of aging like wrinkle and dark spots. Therefore, many beauty products have to insert this acid ingredients to their product formulation which is also good for the marketing purposes. In addition to this, there are two other Acids available. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) with its 6 other types of water-soluble Acids, they are lactic, malic, glycolic, tartaric, citric, and mandelic. While Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is a solo player with its oil-soluble Salicylic acid and it has been used in many anti-acne products to fight blemishes and oily skin. These Beauty Acids offer amazing properties for the skin, from whitening it to exfoliating the skin.

Tricky Acids

Yet, there are some “Tricky Acid” that many DIY folks see them as the natural ingredients in many Homemade Skincare recipes spreading around over the internet. They are LEMON and VINEGAR. It is important to note here that these Tricky Acids are not offering any beauty effects to the skin or even the hair. In fact, it may ruin the skin cells and scalp layers deeper, sooner or later. So, for quite sometimes already, I have been offering a natural hair and scalp treatment to my customers who have scalp issues like itchy scalp and heavy dandruff. Their scalp problems happened because they had been rinsing their hair with Lemon or Vinegar solution on their hair. Because they believe that Lemon or Vinegar rinsing is the most natural hair conditioning method. And whatever “Natural” word attached to any ‘skin treatment product’, it supposed to be GOOD and will not do any HARM. Is it?

Squeeze it Where it Belongs

So this is my answer to my customers who want to have back their healthy scalp and stronger hair strands. A combination use of FridaSkincare Shampoo and Toner is the ultimate Natural solution to remove itchy scalp and heavy dandruff, especially for the customers who had been rinsing their hair with Lemon or Vinegar solution on their hair. Our Shampoo and Toner will bring the skin pH level back to its normal state and comfort the scalp with its nutritive herbal treatment. These two products promise to solve your flaky snowing scalp within LESS than A WEEK! Read here for how to use and track our last Friday Freebie’s recipient’s success story for this exact case that I am talking about. Here.

The Beauty Acids in beauty products have been properly diluted in the formulation. So it is safe to use for the customers. While the home-care treatment recipes on the internet always come with an ‘eyeball measurement‘ and leaving out the necessary testing the pH number on the finished product. And this can be a disaster for the homemade-user. In short, please leave your Lemon and Vinegar to dress your Salad.


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