2 Easy Home Treatment for the Sprained Neck without a Pain Relief Patch

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

Often times I work on the screen. I even continue working at home to finish up some important stuff due to some deadline. By having your own business and being your own boss, does not mean there are no more deadlines. Trust me in this! 🙂

One time, I have one important legal draft to finish in 2 days. Sneaking my working time in between being a nanny for Axelle and being a Mompreneur, it must have something to sacrifice. This time is my neck!

What I did was just a normal lovely yawning and cat-stretching in the same position as I was touching my keyboard. While bending my head like the bean sprouts, I heard that gentle ‘cracked’ sound. Ouch! In sudden, I felt my blood was kind of stop running up to my head. I tried not to panic but I could not trick my mind. I was sweating a lot. I was indeed panic.

Working a lot in front of a computer often. Well, at least I got that ‘heavy’ document done. “Now I just have to deal with this neck“. I could not find the pain relief patch that could slap my joint sprain. What I did next was truly a help.

Faucet Massage

I directly took a hot shower and try to calm my mind. I placed the running semi-hot water through the shower faucet on my neck to give it a little massaging effect. While doing that faucet massage, I felt pity that I made this clean water had to go through the water drain this quick. Anyway, they would meet the fish in the ocean soon, because of me. Positive thinking is needed at this moment!

HairDryer Slap

Getting much better after a hot shower. I could move my head to the left and to the right easier. But I still need to slap this sprained joint to let her know who the Master is. Though I am not a big fan of drying my hair with one, and I don’t have any ‘heat pack‘ at home. So, I have to give a credit to this hair dryer because she deserved it. I just used it as I would dry my hair, but I pointed the dryer mouth at the targeted spot on my neck. I did it until I was happy and able to put on clothes on to go to the nearby ‘yaggug‘ or pharmacy store to get my sprained patches.

By the time I am typing this article, my neck is still stiff. I remember a story told to me sometimes ago. I think it was my Mom who said this that “the Wife is the Neck, and the Husband is the Head“. It means that no matter how the Head gestures his opinion by saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, it is still the Neck who is in control of that gestures. I like that story so much until I keep only the story and forgot from whom I heard that from.

Your brain may have its freedom to think, but your neck is still the boss!

Now, who do you think the master of our body? The Neck or the Head?

Image Credits: Toa Heftiba

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