Spreads Straight from the High Heel

With Axelle

There is always a “first-time” moment in our life. And this is her first heely shoes. Too big, but who cares~ For Axelle, a Day Without High heel is like a Day Without Sunshine. Think Positive, Think Beach! How to high-heel elegantly~💫✨ #playingwithmama #mamasshoes #highheels #earlyadopter 👠 A post shared by managed by: Frida Pigny (@axelle.pigny) […]

April 30, 2018

2 Year Old Eats Korean Red Chili

With Axelle

You don’t need to go extra miles just to get going. All you need is one Red Chili to turn your Blue Mondays to pink, –well if not Pink then it is going to be Red. “Stung by a wasp on the lip“. We live in Korea with two versions taste of chilli. Besides hot […]

April 23, 2018