About Me (Frida)

I am pleased that you would like to know more about me. So please keep reading… I was born and grew up in Sumatera Island, Indonesia. My Mom is an Indonesian-born Chinese and my Dad is mixed of Malay-Arabic descent. Literally, I am confused about my origin.

Aside from my ‘messy’ blood origin, I was kinda “straight-A” student at schools. Except for the Chemistry class. Until now, I have no idea why I routinely skipped that specific subject through my entire high school time. During the chemistry classes, I spent my total hours mostly in the school’s canteen, enjoying my noodle meals. Got caught once within three years of high school. Yet, I kept coming for the same bowl of noodle at the same time as chemistry class was being taught. This is one of my memorable achievements.


Exactly it is a Karma. Now that I think of it, I have no wonder why I ended up living here in South Korea, -cosmetics heaven. I accidentally turned myself into a full-time cosmetics formulator. Even more, with my husband, we own a cosmetic brand of our very own, FridaSkincare. What a fantastic Karma.

By the way, have you checked out our head-to-toe natural skincare formulations? All are beautifully displayed here at FridaSkincare.com

About Me as a person.

I enjoy thoughts of metaphysics. I am still shaping my characters to its best version that I am proud of to serve myself to the world. I hope through this daily blogging exercise, I can become a better content creator that perfectly fits our community.

You will get to know more about me in many blogs to come, through stories here and there. Promise! 🙂

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